The PLMMA 74 will be broadcast on TVN Turbo

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As we have unofficially uncovered our portal, another PLMMA event will not be broadcasted by TV Puls. The event, which will take place on October 7 in Toruń, MMA fans will be able to see on TVN Turbo.

Now, without wasting any more time, I will quickly jump on to the PLMMA 74 live telecast

PLMMA 74 will play European champion WKU 2016 kickboxing – Marcin Najman. In addition, the event will be a fight for the master belt weight heavyweight between Łukasz Klinger and Michał Pasternak. The names include Niedźwiedź, Trybała, Wiwatowski and Horwich.

PLMMA 74 Quick Card
  • Szymon Kołecki  vs.  Kamil Bazelak 
  • Marcin Najman vs. Jahmai Satisch
  • Paweł Trybała  vs.  Łukasz Uliński 
  • Piotr Kamiński  vs.  Igor Wojtas 
  • Łukasz Klinger  vs.  Michał Pasternak 
  • Mateusz Pogudz  vs.  Adam Niedźwiedź 
  • M. Kędzierski  vs.  Matt Horwich 
  • Dawid Januszewski  vs.  Mikhail Bureshkin